sandwich yoga shed

Yoga is a permanent exploration, never to master.

The sandwich yoga shed offers an inclusive practice. We require no previous experience or skill.

Everybody is on their own exploration and I will guide you to honour your body and mind and develop your own practice. "Make it your own" is a key motto in class along with "see how you feel" and "always bring it back to the breath".

I hope that you will unwind and dwell on the present within the shed.

Daily yoga classes available Monday - Saturday and full day events are in the planning, to include food and a creative element to the occasion.

We are based just outside of the town (walking distance), hidden from a main road, with on street parking available. Full address details will be provided upon booking. Please make contact by telephone or email, below.


Please feel free to make contact as we have a waitlist for specific requests.

The current timetable is listed below and we encourage you to make contact to chat about your practice.


1000 and 1730


0900 and 1800


0845: Vinyasa Flow on ZOOM. 45 minutes of continuous movement.





The classes cover a variety of yoga practices including hatha, vinyasa, pose exploration and breathwork.

1:1 SESSIONS by arrangement

Practice descriptions

There is nothing to master and everything to explore

All classes are sequenced in four parts, according to the history and ancient literature on yoga:

A mobility element (seen as the Beginning Stage of becoming aware of your body).

A meditative element (known as the Vessel Stage. Breath and movement aligned and how the mind can be affected by the changes in the body).

A stronger movement element (offering the Increase Stage where you are confident and acquainted with the poses).

Ending with the rest and digest element, Savasana, (the Consummation Stage. Allowing your body to absorb the class and your practice).

  • Sun Salutations cover Surya Namaskar A, B and C. Linking breath and movement whilst incorporating additional poses (asanas). You will be offered cues and layered guidance with regard to the routine and flow of the class. Suitable for all abilities.

  • Pose exploration offers a few asanas that are linked by a theme: back bends, forward folds, balance etc. Offering a full body of movement whilst concentrating on the theme of the class.

  • Vinyasa Flow covers the linking of poses/movement and means "to place in a special way". This can be a challenging class but you are offered space to explore every element of the flow.

  • Hatha is a slower form of vinyasa, offering similar movements and poses which may be held for longer.

Classes will include breathwork and always end with savasana (Corpse Pose) the ultimate restorative asana. Savasana is key to your practice and allows you to absorb and assimilate the effects of the class whilst offering a feeling to completeness.

I do not teach anything else but yoga. My belief is that we are all spiritual beings, but a one hour class is not the place to share our beliefs. Your spirituality is personal and within the shed I will offer you a safe space to ground yourself, allowing you to connect mind and body.


Single Class @ £8

5 Class Pass @ £35

10 Class Pass @ £70

1:1 or private group work is available - price on application.

Contact Claire here:

I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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Hygiene & cleaning

  • Classes will be kept to a maximum of 8.

  • The Shed is sanitised between each class.

  • Please don’t come to the Shed if you have a sore throat, a temperature, a cough or are feeling unwell.

  • Please bring your own mat and any additional equipment you may want to use. I do offer sanitised spares if needed.

  • Hand sanitiser is available on entry and I encourage you to use it.

  • Please place shoes and bags on the shelf provided and hang coats on the hooks.


In agreeing to practice with me, online or in person, you understand that yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. You recognise that it is your responsibility to notify your teacher of any serious illness or injury before each yoga class and that you should not perform any postures or sequences to the extent of strain or pain. Your practice is at your own risk but I am here to offer assistance/adjustments at any time during a class.

It is important to listen to your body and respect its limits on any given day.

The teacher, nor hosting facility, is liable for any injury, or damages, to person or property, resulting from taking classes.

Under 18's require parental consent.